Quality, experience and knowledge.


One of the success factors in the implementation of complex construction projects is the effective management of construction processes. Every client of SIA “Anzāģe” receives transparent and understandable construction project management, which allows the client to gain the necessary confidence in the professional implementation of construction projects


SIA “Anzāģe” new construction projects for individual customers is one of the important segments of the company's growth. These are large-scale objects in which SIA “Anzāģe” provides full management of the construction process and construction works, both in the implementation of residential construction projects, the construction of the MikroTik warehouse and the construction of 10 row houses in Sweden.


Restoration methods involve restoring the original appearance and condition of a building or premises, using authentic materials where possible, or replacing them with modern alternatives. During the restoration works, reconstruction and renovation works may be performed in the objects, which are related to the change of the use of the premises.